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Firewood: Save money and have a bigger camp fire!!!

Our price: $10 for 2.37 cu' 

Gas station price: $6-7 for 0.75 cu'

*Per the DNR: to protect against the introduction or spread of invasive forest pests/disease do not bring wood from outside our area. Help us protect the forest and purchase wood on-site. 

Did you forget something at home? No problem! Call us to find out if we have what you are looking for before heading into town. Items are brand new or gently used and are marked down in price for our campers. Please see the list of items below to get a better idea of what we carry. 

Clothing: shirts, shorts, bathing suits, board shorts, hats, pants, jackets, blankets, ponchos, backpacks/bags, belts, bandanas, shoes, flip flops, shoe laces, life vests, and sleeping bags.

Games: dice, poker chips, card decks, card games (uno, old maid, skip bo, etc.), games (scrabble to go, battleship, mancala, table checkers, dominos, etc.), wooden brain teaser games, digital games.


Toys: army men, play guns, army trucks, tanks, helicopter, jeeps, animal toys, plastic army hats, yoyos, fidget spinners, etc. 


Outside Toys: sand buckets, bubbles, footballs, baseballs, gloves, soccer balls, frisbees, squirt guns, kites, wooden airplane. 


Books: Activity books, coloring books, crossword books, word find books, crayons, markers, pencils, notebooks, journals, hard and soft cover reading books for children and adults, folders, scissors.


Bathroom: hand sanitizer, mirror, comb, wet ones, bar soap, toothbrush, sunscreen, insect repellent, first aide kit, burn care kit, skin sun care kit, tissues. 


Cooking: Utensils (spatula, pokers, tongs, cooking spoons, knife set), caddy trays, baskets with liners, bottle openers, wine opener, corkscrews, drink cozies, beer can chicken holder, cups (thermo water jugs, water bottles, coffee cup, plastic wine glasses, canteens), tea press, pour over coffee maker, plates, to go containers with lids, lunchboxes.


Miscellaneous: fly swatter, umbrellas, flashlights, dog (leashes, harness, bowls, collars), chairs, reading glasses, phone cases, selfie stick, goggles, beach umbrella.

6% MI sales tax is included in prices. In the event credit card services are not available, cash will only be accepted on-site.

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