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Rules and Policies




  • Open 3rd week of May to the 3rd week of October (weather permitting). We may be able to open earlier in the spring and stay open later in the fall as long as temperatures stay above freezing. 

  • Only registered guests are allowed on the property due to limited space. Please NO visitors. Unauthorized guests/vehicles will be asked to leave the property.

  • Check-In 2pm. You can arrive after 2pm but out of respect for fellow campers please do not arrive after dark as its hard to navigate the property since we do not have electricity. If you want to check-in before 2pm you need to purchase the campsite for the night before. 

  • Check-Out 11am. We will and have the right to remove and dispose of all items out of the campsite area if it is left unattended after check-out time. A late check-out fee of $20.00 will be charged to the card on file for anyone here after 11am. 

  • Each campsite allows up to ONLY 6 people and ONLY 2 vehicles. Fire ring, picnic table, and lantern post is included at each campsite. DO NOT try moving table or fire pit, they are concreted in place for a reason. This also includes twisting the table around. If we have to fix any campsite equipment a cleaning/fixing fee will be charged to the card on file. Charge will be based on damage.

  • We are a pet friendly allowing 2 per campsite. Must be kept on leash at all times, must be picked up after, and cannot be left unattended. By bringing your pet you are responsible for the pet(s) actions and are responsible for any damages incurred to person(s) or property. If there is complaints about excessive barking or aggressive behavior you will be asked to leave the property with no refund. A clean up fee of $20.00 will be charged to the card on file to fix holes dug or if poop clean up is needed.

  • Trailers and boats are NOT PERMITTED at any campsites due to road damage. This includes to unload camping supplies. We have a designated parking area for trailers and boats. If trailers or boats are found at campsites you will be asked to leave the property with no refund. If damage has occurred to the road, the credit card on file will be charged damage fee. Damage fee will depend on damage done.

  • 2 hand-pump wells and 4 vault privies are available to all campers. Sunshade and benches are available for use to everyone to be able to enjoy the view in the Common Area. Personal belongings are not to be left in this area.

  • Trash must be disposed of properly in the trash cans provided in the Common Area, near the bathrooms, to maintain animal control. PLEASE DO NOT throw food scraps into the forest including egg shells, this will attract animals! A clean up fee of $20.00 will be charged to the card on file for this violation. 

  • Campfires are allowed only in the fire pit that is provided and must be extinguished completely when unattended. No huge logs or trees can stick out from the sides of the fire pit. Keep up to date with fire restrictions. DO NOT drag huge fallen trees out of the forest and bring them onto the campsite.

  • Smoking and alcohol is only permitted in your campsite area and must be disposed of properly. No smoking/drinking in the common areas, hiking trails, or the rest of the property. State and federal laws must be abided by. 

  • Strict 5 mph speed limit on the property. 

  • Respect fellow campers and minimize noise from 10pm to 8am. 

  • No firearms or fireworks on the property. 

  • Respect nature and leave things where you see them. DO NOT drag huge fallen trees out of the forest.

  • ATVs/four wheelers/dirt bikes/motorsports equipment is not permitted for use on property.

  • No generators allowed.

  • There is a private residence near the campground that you will drive past. Please respect their privacy and abide by signs.

  • Over-sized parking is available in a separate location for trailers/boats. Contact us prior to arrival to make sure space is available. Fort Superior Campground is not responsible for unattended vehicles/trailers/boats.

  • Fort Superior Campground is not responsible for anything lost or stolen. Fort Superior Campground is not liable for any damages or injuries, whatsoever, to persons or property resulting from weather, animals, bugs, theft, or any other occurrence on the property prior to, during, and after reservation period.

  • If any damage is made to the campsite or campsite equipment such as picnic table, fire-pit, holes dug by dogs, excessive clean-up, tree cutting or tree damage, etc. We have the right to charge the credit card on file for appropriate damage/cleaning fee. Fee will be determined based on the damage. 

  • TENT CABIN BARRACK campsites 1, 16, 32, and 39: Any damages done to campsite or canvas tent barrack will be charged to credit card on file, minimum of $50.00. Damage costs will depend on damage done. Sleeps 4 people comfortably but could accommodate 6 people depending on personal sleeping preference. Wooden platforms are located in the tent but do not have pads so air mattress or foam pads are recommended for a more comfortable sleep, these are NOT included.  Indoor safe heaters are allowed, no grills or open flames in or near the canvas tent and deck. Campsites still have room for a small tent if more sleeping space is needed. Max amount of 6 people per campsite, pets allowed.


  • The following animals have been seen in and around the property: deer, bears, coyotes, wolves, bobcats, foxes, skunks, raccoons, turkeys, weasels, rabbits, various birds and bugs. 

  • We recommend hiking in groups and carry your phone, a whistle, compass, and bear spray. 

  • When exploring in the forest watch for broken tree limbs overhead.

  • Please be aware of plants, weeds, and mushrooms as some can be poisonous and cause allergic reactions.

Payments and Cancellations

  • Full payment at the time of reservation.

  • Cancellation requests or any changes on a reservation must be submitted through email to Your email must be the email used to make the reservation.

  • Cancellation fee is $25.00, per reservation, for cancellations up to two weeks before check-in date.

  • Reservation(s) cancelled within 2 weeks of check-in date will pay $25.00 plus one nights full stay. If your reservation was only for 1 night you would just lose your full 1 night stay.

  • Reservations cancelled within 3 days of check-in date or No Shows will not receive a refund.

  • Any reservations moved from original reservation date will not be refunded if cancelled for the later date.

  • Credit card processing fees will not be refunded.

  • No refunds given for early check out.

  • In the event that Fort Superior Campground needs to be closed unexpectedly a full refund will be issued.

By purchasing your reservation you understand all rules and policies listed above. Buyer also understands that if any rules/policies listed above are broken it will result in immediate removal from the campground and will not be issued a refund. Fort Superior Campground has the right to contact local sheriff if needed. Fort Superior Campground has the right to refuse service. 

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