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  • Fort Superior Campground's 25 campsites include a picnic table with lantern post and a fire pit with grill attachment. Each campsite is unique and some are accessed via hike. Please read the descriptions of our campsites to get more details. Each campsite can accommodate up to 6 people, 2 pets, and has 2 assigned parking spaces. Parking is limited, please look for the post with your campsite number. 

  •  CHECK-IN is 2pm and CHECK-OUT is at 11am. 

  • 4 privy toilets, a hand pump well, and trash cans are located in our common area. In case credit card services are not available, cash will only be accepted on-site. Showers can be accessed at Munising Tourist Park across the street for a $8.00 fee. 

Quick guide to campsites:

  • Campsites 1 thru 8 are located at the bottom of the hill surrounded by trees. You can drive or walk up the hill to enjoy the view in the common area and get water. 4-wheel drive recommended on Campsite 3.


  • Campsites 9 thru 14 are located at the top of the hill and have the best view of Lake Superior and the islands. Each campsite is completely out in the open. RESERVE EARLY THESE SELL OUT FIRST!


  • Campsites 15-25 are located at the top of the hill and are surrounded by trees. Enjoy the view in the common area with a short walk to the bathrooms and water.


  • Campsites 22-25 are more secluded and can be accessed via hike with 2 steep hills. Sites 22 and 23 are right next to each other and is a great spot for a large group needing two sites. You can see the water from campsites 24 and 25. Campsite 25 is the highest point on the property. These campsites are not recommended for campers with a lot of gear.


Pull-in sites: You can pull your vehicle into campsites 1 thru 8 at the bottom of the hill and campsites 15 thru 20 on the top of the hill. 4-wheel drive recommended on Campsite 3.


  • All other campsites 9 thru 11 and 21 thru 25 have a separate parking area with a short walk or hike. Campsites 12 thru 14 park in-front of a fence with their campsite on the other side. 


  • Please read all descriptions for each campsite to make sure you are camping at the one that's best for you.

Please read our Policies page before reserving.

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